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Ruby on Rails

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Intricacies of finance when planning a career

In a few days time you would be joining a renowned organization as a junior employee, i.e. you would be a fresher. Student days are over and you’re entering the ever competitive job market. You are enthusiastic about your work and have a desire to give your best to the organization. However, there are a


Approaching passive candidates – Effective ideas

Passive candidates are defined as the ones not actively looking out for a new job. Approaching passive candidates requires a different strategy than approaching active candidates. These candidates are just more selective than the others. Attracting them is the most difficult and time consuming aspect of recruiting today. We look at effective ways to bag


Leveraging the latest recruitment trends

The job market is getting more and more competitive with every passing day.  A majority of firms are moving away from using traditional methods such as posting job ads on employment portals to leveraging social media to hire candidates. Old but time tested strategies that are still relevant An old but relevant strategy is to